I have always been in love with large format photography. In 2015, I started inviting my friends over to take their portraits using my 8x10 camera. Perhaps it was the beer I bought for everyone, but these backyard sessions quickly became a regular event and I found that my love for shooting large format was something that was very contagious. What I originally though would just be a way to keep myself shooting large format on a semi regular basis, quickly turned into something that would engage, educate, and excite photographers and non photographers alike. With this, Obsolete was born.

In this workshop, we will go through the basics of large format photography from visualization all the way through development in a private and professional setting.

One on one and small group sessions are available!

Example Images


2-3 hours

  • An introductory course on the functions and operation of a large format camera and darkroom processes
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of taking photographs using a large format camera
  • On-site development of your photographs
  • individual packaging to protect your final images


Starting at €50/per person

I limit my groups to a maximum of 4 people in order to keep the workshop as informal and interactive as possible.

1 Person: €50
2 People: €90
3 People: €120
4 People: €150