Obsolete is a project I began in the early part of 2015. What we will do is take Large format photographs on direct positive paper and develop them immediately in a portable darkroom of my own construction. I originally started this to bring large format photography with me while I traveled across the globe. After completing the first version of my darkroom, I began testing it with friends in my backyard. During these "Portraits and Pints" sessions, I was blown away and humbled by the level of excitement I received. What I originally though would be just a way to shoot and develop on the road, quickly turned into an instrument to engage and educate people through one of the most basic photographic processes.

What makes this process special to me is not just the incredibly beautiful "look" to each image, but the fact that once the photo is developed, it is a one of a kind. I do not make duplicates of the images we will create. Most of the examples below are the only digital renderings of those images, taken on my phone at the time I developed them.



2-3 hours

  • An introductory course on the functions and operation of a large format camera and darkroom processes
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of taking photographs using a large format camera
  • On-site development of your photographs
  • individual packaging to protect your final images


Starting at €50/per person

I limit my groups to a maximum of 4 people in order to keep the workshop as informal and interactive as possible.

1 Person: €50
2 People: €90
3 People: €120
4 People: €150



Example Images