It's about the process. Perhaps more than any other form of photography, shooting large format throws the process of making a photograph into the forefront.

Daunting to some, ridiculously impractical and a waste of time to most, shooting large format is certainly not most photographers first choice when it comes to preferred shooting method. The extra gear alone is enough to send most photographers running for the hills... Of course, as with most things, looks can be deceiving. While true it may require a few different skills to really get the hang of it, the learning curve is much gentler than it would seem.

In our 2-3 hour sessions, we will go through everything you need to know to shoot large format. the basics of a large format camera, the step by step method to making an image, as well as basic darkroom processes and developing of your own images.

One on one and small group sessions are available and can be booked below!


2-3 hours

  • An introductory course on the functions and operation of a large format camera and darkroom processes
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of taking photographs using a large format camera
  • On-site development of your photographs
  • individual packaging to protect your final images
Workshops can take wherever you'd like! Pick your favorite place in Berlin!



€80 per person

2 People: €140
3 People: €220
4 People: €180

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